This beautiful set consists of a tray of profiteroles filled with cream and chocolate, a little plate with a portion of dessert and a dessert spoon. 


The profiteroles draws its origins from the Renaissance; Catherine de Medici, upon her marriage to Henry II of France, and later became queen, brought with her from her homeland (Tuscany) all the recipes of its gastronomy; one of its chefs, some Popelini, created in 1540 the choux pastry (puffs per), which became very popular in France (like many other recipes of Italian descent), and with it the profiteroles; the fame of this sweet spread, however, after the seventeenth century, a period in which it developed the true art of pastry. 


The term derives from the profiteroles diminutive of the French word profit (ie profit, gain), and is constituted by a preparation consisting of a series of small puffs which form a single sweet chocolate. 


The miniature was made entirely by hand, with great attention to detail, to make it realistic and impressive. Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized order.

Miniature food profiteroles french cake scale 1:12

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    Since these are handmade crafts, they differ in details from each other and a serial production of identical figures is not possible. Nat Academy assures its customers that every on-demand project will never be reproduced for other customers. We craft every piece by hand without using form or molds.

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