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"Happiness is not a matter of things you own but of actions you take."
    This is the main lesson learned by the little town bunny Lu in his first adventure of The Biglo Book series, 'Lu and the jar of happiness'.
    This is not an ordinary children's book, but a tale told by magical images of a real miniature world that will hook and spark the imagination of your little ones.

    A little book that aims to makes a great impact: because reading matters and our goal is to make every kid to love reading.




A handmade story

The Biglo Book stories have a peculiar characteristic: instead of illustrations, there are real handmade miniature cities, inhabited by a quirky community of little bunnies. In a world dominated by digitalization, where kids learn to swipe a screen way before feeding themselves, my desire was to show all the beauty and fascination of a handmade world, made with craftsmanship and patience.


CLASSIC - Children's Book Lu and the Jar of happiness

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