What better way to start the day with a hearty and tasty breakfast, which gives us the energy to tackle our day? A fantastic English breakfast prepared at home is what we want! The fresh made egg, a slice of freshly-baked bread, the crispy bacon and juicy yellow grapefruit  ... nothing is missing!  


The set consists of: 
- 1 copper pot 
- 1 egg 
- 1 egg shells 
- 1 plate with bacon and beans 
- 1 slice of bread 
- 1 grapefruit 
- 1 placemat


On request, the set can be composed by other articles. To request availability and prices, please contact the seller directly.

All objects in the photos are unique pieces, made and painted by hand, without the use of molds.

1:12 Dollhouse miniature food breakfast

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