Ombré cakes have become very modern in cake design! These 2 stunning 1:12 dollhouse miniatures interpretations are a magnificent reproduction of real pastry wonders. Inside, the cake has a sponge cake filled with chantilly cream.


The 1:12 miniature cake can also be used as a birthday cake or be displayed in a miniature pastry shop to make a great impression! You can buy either the whole cake or a cake with a cut slice. Note that the realization of the entire cake is different so you can't cut the slice by yourself at home.


All NatAcademy miniatures are made entirely by hand, without the help of molds. The use of advanced decorative techniques makes these beautiful collection pieces so real, to make you want to mordle them! Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or to request a custom order.

1:12 dollhouse Miniature dollhouse ombré cake

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