Creating a better world by educating to beauty and kindness, one child at a time


artistic expression      social capacities 

critical reasoning      empathic understanding

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The Biglo Book is a series of books aimed at sparking kids' imagination by telling a story with the help of real handmade miniatures.

Not a single kid can get bored by observing the thousand little details in our books! And their memory of reading will remain forever positive.

The first book in the series is about a little bunny on a journey to discover where happiness is really to be found.

A little gem for your bookshelf!


Can we teach all that to our kids from an early age?

Surprisingly, books can.

Your only task is to help your little ones enjoy a rich experience with books and make them appreciate the countless adventures they can live directly in their heads.



One story, three versions, four languages

Amazing miniature scenes described with simple, yet engaging words.

In English, Italian and Slovenian.

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Multilingual books to capture the beauty of our multicultural world.


English, Italian, Slovenian & French.

Biglo 3 versions.png

Wonderful pictures of a real miniature story without text.

Tell the story with your words.


"Almost stunned by emotion, Lu headed home.

He would have spent the rest of the afternoon eating sweets and fighting imaginary cowboys in the yard."