"Happiness is not a matter of things you own but of actions you take."

Raising responsible, creative, and loving future adults through reading

Surprising children's books, bilingual stories and write yourself books.


A wonderful world made of magical handmade dollhouse miniatures.

Thoughts on the importance of reading and creativity, for all ages.

Follow our tutorials and learn how to build your own mini enchanting world.

"Tell me something Lu, how did you manage to do all this? " 

"You know grandma, I shared happiness    and it has multiplied."


The Biglo Book is a series of tales told through images of a real miniature world that will hook the attention of the little ones and spark their imagination.

Because awaking creativity, in kids, is the marvelous trigger that will allow them to use actively, properly and fully, all the tools our world has to offer them.

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Natasja Nikolic     The Biglo Book children's books and NatAcademy Miniatures         Bologna, Italia       thebiglobook@gmail.com